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Do I need Waders? No but they never hurt. Most everything we have can be hunted in knee boots. 


What kind of ducks do you kill? We kill a large varity of waterfowl over the course of a season we will kill over half of the North American 41 for the Ultimate Waterfowl Challenge.


 Mallards Pintails Gadwall Teal and Shovlers are the regulars in the ag fields.

Bluebill, Ringneck, Buffelhead, Canvasback, and Redheads are regulars at our 3300 acre bait fish farm. 

We also kill Specks and Snows. 

Where are you located? We are located near Paragould Arkansas between the Cache River and St. Francis River. 


Can I bring my dog? Absolutely! I would never ask someone to leave their hunting buddy at home.


Is it just us in the blind? It is just your group and the guide/guides in the blind we don't do mixed groups.


Are we guarantied to kill  ducks? No. I can't control the wildlife or weather. I will do my best to put you on ducks, but at the end of the day it's hunting. 



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